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Mumtaz Ki Nagari - Agra

Taj Mahal of Agra is considered to be a symbol of India's pride and love. Uttar Pradesh's third largest district Agra is very important in historical terms.
Being the favorite city of the Mughals, he made Agra the capital before Delhi. According to history, Ibrahim Lodi had settled this city in 1504. At the time when this city was founded, no one would have imagined that the city would wander around the whole world for its beauty. Which is still considered among seven wonders of the world.
History: A living picture of architecture is situated about 200 kilometers from Agra city of Delhi. To make what was called an artisan from Baghdad, which could paint curved letters on the stone. Similarly, the craftsman who was invited from Bukhara city, which is located in Central Asia, was skilled at carving flowers on marble stones. A skilled artisan living in Istanbul, Turkey, was called to build the dome of the Vaish Strahm and the skilled craftsman from Samarkand was called to build th…

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